How much will it cost?

The cost of a shipment can be affected by the amount of space that it occupies, rather than the actual weight. This is the volumetric (or dimensional) weight calculated and compared with the actual weight of the shipment to ascertain which is greater; the higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost.

Volumetric Weight

Start by using this guide to measure regular or irregular packages to find your volumetric weight.

(Length x Width x Height in cm) / 5,000 = kg

Calculate volumetric weight of a box
Calculate volumetric weight of items with different shape

(L) Length (W) Width (H) Height
Note: When measuring the length and width of your package, always use the maximum points.

Porter Fees

Here's an overview of how much Porter Standard shipping fees you'll be paying based on your item's shipping weight.
To MalaysiaFrom
U.S., U.K., and
Shipping Days10-14 business days
< 1.0kg - 1.4kgRM76
1.5kg - 2.4kgRM152
2.5kg - 3.4kgRM228
3.5kg - 4.4kgRM304
4.5kg - 5.0kgRM380
To MalaysiaFrom
Australia, Japan,
and South Korea
Shipping Days10-14 business days
< 1.0kg - 1.4kgRM45
1.5kg - 2.4kgRM90
2.5kg - 3.4kgRM135
3.5kg - 4.4kgRM180
4.5kg - 5.0kgRM225
To MalaysiaFrom
India and
Shipping Days10-14 business days
< 1.0kg - 1.4kgRM50
1.5kg - 2.4kgRM100
2.5kg - 3.4kgRM150
3.5kg - 4.4kgRM200
4.5kg - 5.0kgRM250

For Porter Express shipping fees or for items over 5kg, use our Porter Fees Calculator instead.

Porter Fees Calculator

Use our handy shipment calculator for an idea of how much shipping fees you’ll be paying.

Note: Apologies, we currently list prices for shipments back to Malaysia only.
Kindly contact us via to make shipment arrangements out of Malaysia.

Ship From
Ship To
Shipping Method
What about custom duties & taxes?


We’ll store your purchases at our warehouse for 30 days at no cost, so you can have the option to wait and consolidate all your shipments for even more savings.
Consolidate shipping helps you save more.


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Shop4Me | RM45/location
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e-Shop4Me | 10% of total online transaction
Let us help making online purchases on your behalf. Do note that the total online transaction includes domestic shipping fees to our overseas warehouse. 100% money back guarantee on any unsuccessful purchase.
Concierge Service | RM20/item
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Last Mile Delivery | RM10 – RM30
Have your package delivered to your doorstep. Actual fee will depend on delivery location (distance from our Bangsar warehouse to your address.)
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